My Mother. Her Story.

A small town girl, born to a poor,
her name signified peace.
With two sisters and four brothers, she was the one who loved to write and read.
With a pair of dress, no shoes to wear,
she walked kilometers to school.
On her way, she saw her mates,
wearing new clothes and big gum boots.
That was the day, she made up her mind,
No matter what, she will make it big.
She studied day, she studied night,
and toiled in farms, with those tiny feets.
Maybe the angels cast a spell,
Books were her only company.
The day arrived, the day she had been waiting for,
Hey, doctor doctor, she was called by many.
Until that day, when her father lay dead on her lap,
She shut her dreams, and tied up her wings.
Fate had given her a big tight slap.
She made a decision,made a big leap,
She was the one, who could save her family.
Out of choice, she worked in a bank,
She worked hard, so that they could live happily.
Got married to a prince, gave birth to two girls,
Zero was the number from where it all begins.
Both worked hard, to achieve a common goal,
Simple living and high thinking were their motto.
Every penny she saved,reminded of her childhood days.
Now when she looks back, she has a smiling face.
I have seen her low, have seen her high. I have seen her emerge, I have seen her shine.
She is the strength and the pillar of our house,
Safeguarding us under her wings throughout.
We are girls, but brought up as son’s.
And for that my mom, I thank you in tons.
A self made woman, build her own empire,
She is a blazing dove, with her wings on fire.
There is so much strength in her surrender,
If she has fallen, only to rise even stronger.
She is unstoppable, even at 60.
Oh good lord, I wished, I had at least half of her energy.
I wish you nothing more, nothing less.
I wish you, oh mother, good health and happiness.
Oh good lord, bless her abundantly.
She is still on her horse to conquer another story.